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Child Protection

The Church of St James, Ballinora has a strong tradition of Child Protection. While the involvement of children and Vulnerable Adults in the Church activities in our parish is welcomed, we acknowledge the importance of keeping everyone safe.

The Diocesan initiative of Child Safeguarding began in Ballinora in 2008. Volunteers for this work attend regular training sessions. There are two Parish Child Safeguarding Representatives in Ballinora now, Darina Callanan and Trona Fitzgerald.

The Role of Safeguarding Representatives is:-

1. To promote Safeguarding by raising awareness of what safeguarding is,

2. Disseminating information re Standards and Guidance,

3. Ensuring Church Activities are provided in a way that ensures the safety and well being of children and vulnerable adults

4. Ensuring contact details of Designated Person, local Garda and HSE are published and available.


In latter years the role of the Safeguarding Representative had broadened. We engage with the other groups working in the parish.

The Ministers of the Word

The Ministers of the Eucharist


Baptism Group

Bereavement Group

Youth Ministers of the Word

Tuesday Morning Service Group


Altar Servers

We keep a register of people involved in parish Church activities. We ensure relevant paperwork is up to date, we organise Garda Vetting where necessary and we remind people of their responsibilities in this area. We tell people about the Ballinora Parish Child Protection Procedures and the Ballinora Parish Code of Conduct.


Data Protection

The parish of Ballinora recognises that good pastoral care and respect for the dignity of every person requires that personal data should be properly secured and managed and eventually disposed of in an appropriate manner. We comply with the requirements of GDPR.

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