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The Church Grounds
The Church Bell (1874)
The Church Bell rings out the message of invitation. To assemble in the house of the people of God.  To cry out with Joy or Sorrow, and to share with others the gifts we have become.
The Railed Grave
The railed grave honours Fr. Michael Prior who died in March 1845 in the Famine.  The cemetery invites us to honour the dead and to trust in a fullness of lift beyond the human.  The graves are tenderly cared for and maintained in a respectful condition to honour those who have gone before us.
The Labyrinth
The labyrinth continues a religious tradition from Knossos in Crete (2000 BC) and from the sacred space of the Church, and to realise that God enables us to find our way in every situation.
"I do not see the road ahead of me
Nor do I really know myself
Yet I feel lost in the shadow
I will not fear
For you are with me"
(Thomas Merton: The Road Ahead)
Water Feature
Water is experienced as life-giving to growth in humanity history and in the Scriptures.  The pouring of water in Baptism marks our entry into the faith of Christ.  The waterfall invites a reflection on how the gift of water enriches our lives, and connects us to God.  It also reminds us of our care of the earth, and the people who out living water.
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