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In our parish activities we will have the following procedures in place:


Ø Signed parental consent for each young person.


Ø Contact information of the parents/guardians.


Ø Medical information & treatment as appropriate.


Ø An adult will always be present in the church when children are altar serving. If no adult is present, children will not be allowed altar serve.


Ø Appropriate supervision ratios of adults to young people while maintaining the practice of ensuring that no young person is left alone with an adult. This will apply to both parish based activities or away trips i.e. retreats/pilgrimages etc.


Ø A Code of Conduct for both adult leaders and young people will be drawn up with consultation from all parties.


Ø Adequate record keeping details including:

§ Participant sign in Record Book.

§ Participant Application Form.

§ Incident/Accident Report Forms.

§ Volunteer Application Forms.

§ Declaration Forms/Garda Vetting for all required adults.


Ø Provide information sessions for leaders and also for young people and their parents as required.


Ø Procedures for recruitment of adult leaders working with young people.


Ø A clearly communicated accident & emergency plan.


Ø In the event of away trips a pre-check on transport and accommodation.


Ø Procedures in place concerning photography i.e ensure parental consent is obtained prior to photographs being taken. Protect the identity of the child/young person in the event of photographs being used for programme/media purposes.

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