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First Holy Communion

School Work

Second Class Pupils prepare for the sacrament of First Holy Communion through their religious education programme, Grow in Love.  They learn about the significance of the Eucharist, the lift of Jesus and the importance of the sacrament.

Teachers employ interactive methods such as story telling, arts and crafts and music to help the children understand and internalise these teachings.  Additionally, the children participate in whole-school Masses held throughout the year, becoming familiar with the order, prayers and rituals of the Mass.

Enrolment Ceremony

The Enrolment Ceremony for the First Holy Communion is a special event marking the formal beginning of the children's preparation for the sacrament.  Held at St. James Church, next to the school, in the first term of Second Class, this ceremony brings together the children and their parents to commit to their faith journey.  It serves as a meaningful introduction to the spiritual path leading up to their First Holy Communion.

First Confession

The Sacrament of Reconcilliation, or First Confession, is another significant milestone in the children's spiritual development.  Conducted in the church during the second te3rm of second class, the ceremony provides a supportive and comforting environment that helps the children to understand the importance of repentance and the joy of being reconciled with God.

The First Holy Communion Mass

The First Holy Communion Mass takes place in the third term of second class and is a deeply significant and joyous occassion.  Held in St. James Church, next to the school, the Mass is a culmination of months of preparation.  The children participate actively in the Mass, receiving Eucharist for the first time.  Families and the wider Parish Community gather to support and witness this important step in the children's spiritual journey, making it as a memorable and cherished event. 

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