Welcome to the Parish of St. James Ballinora

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in our Mini Camino over the weekend and a huge thank you to all of our Volunteers for your effort in preparing for the weekend.
Some pictures from the weekend can be seen in Bicentennial Anniversary section of the website or on Facebook.  There is also a lovely write up on the Cork and Ross page below which has some more photos.  When more photos come in we will upload them. 

Ballinora’s novel Camino marks 200 years of local church | Diocese Of Cork and Ross


Mass Times Level 3

Monday: 7pm followed by Holy Hour

Tuesday: 9am

Wednesday: 9.10am 


Friday: 7pm

Saturday: 7pm

Sunday: 10am

All Masses will be open to public (max 50 people) and also livestreamed below

Offertory Collection

Your Donation supports your parish with ongoing costs of developing initiatives, buildings maintenance, office and sacristy staff wages, church supplies etc.

Ballinora Blessing

(Adapted from Marymount)

May God the Father make this Church, Parish and Community a safe place, a place of welcome, hospitality and care, full of understanding and acceptance where one can be as one is. 

May God the Son give to each person in this community enthusiasm for their work, peace for their journey, and the support of companionship. 

May God the Holy Spirit grant each person who lives here a wisdom mixed with compassion, a presence infused with gentleness and creativity, and a faith filled with hope and possibility. 

May the blessing of Father, Son and Holy Spirit give to all of us light to guide, courage to support, and love to unite now and for ever.