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Feast of Baptism of the Lord. 


Jesus is at the River Jordan, probably as a follower of his cousin John, who is telling his followers to change their lives and turn away from sin and corruption. He goes into the water and hears the voice of the Father 'This is my beloved Son. My favour rests on him!'. And Jesus becomes aware of who he is and what he is. He begins to gather his own followers and preach, teach and heal. 

At out Baptism we were given our identity, an awareness of who and what we are as sons and daughters of God. We are followers of Jesus. God says to each one of us: ' You are my child; my favour rests on you!' Do we hear that voice? Are listening? In these weird Covid times, it's the only positive voice we may hear. 'You are my beloved child'. Dont be afraid! 

Mass Times Level 5

Monday: 7pm online followed by Holy Hour

Tuesday: 7pm online

Wednesday: 7pm online


Friday: 7pm online

Saturday: 7pm online


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Ballinora Blessing

(Adapted from Marymount)

May God the Father make this Church, Parish and Community a safe place, a place of welcome, hospitality and care, full of understanding and acceptance where one can be as one is. 

May God the Son give to each person in this community enthusiasm for their work, peace for their journey, and the support of companionship. 

May God the Holy Spirit grant each person who lives here a wisdom mixed with compassion, a presence infused with gentleness and creativity, and a faith filled with hope and possibility. 

May the blessing of Father, Son and Holy Spirit give to all of us light to guide, courage to support, and love to unite now and for ever.



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