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Colouring Competition

Thank you to everyone for your great effort in your colouring!

Everyone will receive a small prize as it was such a tough competition!

However, we did have to pick some winners and there was lots of deliberation over this.


Junior Infants and Senior Infants:

1st Place: Ada Cohan

2nd Place: Eimear Breathnach

3rd Place: Alice Murray


1st Class and 2nd Class:

1st Place: Roisin Breathnach

2nd Place: Luke Thornton

3rd Place: Riah Scannell


3rd Class and 4th Class:

1st Place: Fionn Breathnach

2nd Place: Oisin Kilmartin


5th Class and 6th Class:

1st Place: Edie Murray

Returned Entries

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